The Age of Information is Now

Digital Transformation is happening in all sectors - from smart manufacturing to smart homes and smart cities. In the wine and Ag industry, we have seen increasing efforts to integrate digital technologies into production and business processes.

Together, we can do more.

We're at the forefront of building these technologies for the industry and are looking for pioneering business partners to collaborate with us.

Our first project is already in beta test with partners interested in improving bottling line efficiency: check out RoboBottle​ for a quick look at what we're talking about.

By creating smart processes and leveraging the power of real-time analytics, we can improve wine production and quality from grape to glass.

Join the first Open Innovation Lab for the wine industry!

If you would like to partner with G3 Enterprises​ and start working directly with us to brainstorm and problem-solve IoT opportunities along the wine value chain, please fill out the contact form and our Innovation team will be in touch.

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© 2019 G3 Enterprises